Tales of an angry little girl

The thief

Behind the close doors tears are shed,

tears of confusion and fear of what is unknown

Truths are held from the naïve, kept to protect us so they say;

but the truth is we can hear the qualms between the statements said in passing, slowly they eat away leaving holes for us to see through.

So young but I swear  I saw in her eyes life being drained out of her mortal body

so innocently she smiles,

under the pillow she cries for her childre, pain and  laughter hides in her smiles

I, standing on the other side of the window can see everything happening,  as the moonbeam, we stand isolated,

what has befallen this land that was once so beautiful, the grain and wheat was enough to feed everyone, but one night, one workman came in at  and stole

the thief! with him, he took the land’s protector

Out of greed and selfishness,

he robbed them but little did he know that no one can steal from the master’s fields and prosper,

with mammies he now lies, cold with regrets tormenting him for eternity.

With thousand stars I would buy for you  to see the famine you have left for your offspring,

you ruined her and now, she, like you will follow and live them behind,

them that would give the whole world to make her stay behind to see her inheritance

Should I be granted the power to rewrite this narrative, you man of short sight would not be part of the cast.


I am an epistle By M.J Tlake

I am a letter bleeding ink of Christ’s love

I am a vowel and consonant of His unspoken kindness, grace and mercy

I am a treatise of romance written by blood on a cross

I am a poem written  before the foundations of the earth

Before the oceans and seas were fashioned I was already in His manuscript

What Genesis tells you is just a play of what existed beyond the pages

Pages soon to be published for creation to see the marvelous artistry of a loving creator

I am an epistle written to be read by those who have not seen Him

Every letter inscribed in me is a testimony of His existence

So, let me tell you about this greatest Author of time

His style of writing is unconventional;

If you are not “Jesus Christ literate” you will not understand Him;

Let alone comprehend the vast genre of His writing

The world says Shakespeare was the greatest Romance writer of time

Clearly, they have not met you, God

To me, you are the greatest romance writer ever known to man

You are the greatest lover ever known;

Romeo died because of despair, believing his lover was dead

But you died because you unconditionally, utterly loved me,

Heck, some would say you are a hopeless romantic

I mean, how would you justify loving someone even when they reject you,

Protecting them even when they don’t think they need your protection?

Saving them even when they think Avengers are the real super heroes?

Well, Jesus you are my Super Hero!

I am an epistle written by grace,

The Holy Spirit inscribing in every page of my life of much you love me

A book whose pages gets edited everyday so every year I am a new edition

I am honored, that you found me worthy to tell your story

I am thankful that you chose me as the title of your book

I will do my best, to help those who are Christ illiterate to know you as I do.